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Looking for a new office or new remodel?

The refurbishment of an office can be a determining factor for strengthening the spirit of employee work factor , creating an ideal environment for productive employee collaboration environment and to communicate to your customers what your business is about .Divisio will help you find the perfect office addition to doing the best distribution of space according to your needs.

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Need to know the budget?

The budget goes hand in hand with the customer, in which all the needs and possibilities of finishes are reviewed.

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What is the delivery time?

Delivery time depends on many internal and external factors of the company, so that it meets the delivery time a GANTT timetable , which is a useful graphical tool is prepared which aims to expose time dedication planned for different tasks or activities along a certain total time.

Get the solution you are looking for

1. Customer requirements analysis

2. Design draft for approval

3. Development of work schedule

4. Budget approval

5. Project Execution

6. Office move